Top 5 Things I’ve learned through the hard way and internet quotes

1) “Nothing in this world worth having comes easy.” – Dr. Bob Kelso
      In one of my all time favorite scrubs quotes, Bob Kelso dishes out some serious sass as well as important advice. This has made its way up the list of favorites, especially in the past couple years. Life is precious, but hard. That being said, don’t confuse between struggling and a bad life. When I graduated high school, I believed I would go to the college I was accepted to for four years, get my nursing degree, work some long hospital shifts, fall in love, settle down and keep living…just like everyone else. After all, I had gone from elementary school, to middle school, to high school… college was obviously the next step. A year later I went to move into my dorm sophomore year with the friends I made and the dorm I wanted, and a shiny 4.0 GPA (still baffles me) when I got a call from my doctor who strongly recommended I come back home for treatment. Sad, angry, disappointed and confused we packed my stuff back up and moved out (RA was so confused). I finished my vacation with my family then drove back up home with my mom. As we pulled into the driveway I remember wanting to put on my invisibility cloak and run into the house, hiding for the possibility of seeing a confused neighbors look or prodding questions. The next couple weeks I threw a major pity party and honestly felt ashamed and like a failure. All my friends were surely having a great time off at college, living it up carefree. This linear path I had drawn out perfectly straight and parallel had been erased. It took me a year of treatment, online class at community college, and bitterly scrolling through my newsfeed before I drew up a new path: a new school, new friends, and a new major. Then something really cool happened. I started to open up about my struggles, my frustration, and my change in direction, and so did other people around me. Turns out my friend had transferred colleges too and another one decided last minute to work instead. So guys, don’t worry… life isn’t linear and it sure as hell ain’t simple.

2) “Sometimes you never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” – Dr. Seuss
        I think all of us at some point in our lives have learned this one the hard way. That time with your grandma you spent with your mind elsewhere and it turned out to be your last. That joy of holiday traditions you no longer do because xyz. That time you ended a relationship over something stupid. Realizing that some of the moments you can cherish forever are smiles on faces or making up crazy animal combos with a friend (schwogfry for life). We are not guaranteed this day, nor this hour. Remind yourself of the beauty and love that surrounds you each and every day.
3) “Be at peace, not in pieces.” 
      Despite being an awesome pun, this is one of my go to catchphrases in times of trouble. I like control… most of us do, and whenever I feel I’m losing control this is a solid go to. I come from a long line of very anxious people and believe me when I tell you, it takes its toll. Just remember it’s okay to accept your not in control or need help.
4) “Health is a crown that the healthy wear, but only the sick can see.” -Imam Shafi’i
5) “Be kind, everyone you know is fighting their own battles.” 
     Similar to #1 and I posted about this before but I needed reminders to myself all the time. People are different and that’s okay. We grow and expand as humans by beings around people who are different than us. You don’t have to agree or concede or even argue. 
Well, my fingers already hate me, I promised my brother I would get back to blogging (taadah!) so I’ll be trying to post some more stuff more frequently including a health update because I know a lot of y’all have asked. 
Happy holidays!

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